I set the following terms and conditions for both parties:

  • A request for an assessment can be made by email, or over the phone.
  • Once a date and time have been agreed an assessment booking is considered confirmed. Clients should arrive promptly for their appointment. 
  • Cancellation of a confirmed assessment within 14 days of the appointment would result in a 50% cancellation fee. However, should I be able to fill this appointment no charge will be made.
  • Cancellation of a confirmed assessment within 48 hours of the appointment would result in a 75% cancellation fee.
  • The Pre-Assessment Questionnaire, Visual Difficulties Screening and DCD/Dyspraxia Checklist (if relevant) must be completed and returned 5 working days prior to the assessment. An eye test must have been carried out within the last 2 years.
  • Should there be reasons within the questionnaire and checklist that would require further investigation or cancellation of the assessment then this will be communicated at the earliest opportunity.
  • Payment in full should be received on the day of the assessment.
  • Failure to pay an invoice after the assessment has taken place will result in a cancellation fee of £250 to cover costs and pre assessment work completed.
  • Work on a report will not commence until payment has been received in full. This will result in a delay in the report being published.
  • If your assessment is being funded by an outside organisation (e.g. college or university), written confirmation is required before an appointment can be made.
  • Assessments usually last between 2-3  hours, and with the full verbal feedback approximately a 3-4 hour session.
  • The results will be considered and analysed, and a full written report drawn up.  You should receive the report approximately 2-4 weeks after the appointment.
  • If you require an extra copy of the report, please state this at your appointment. All reports will be password protected. If you require a password free copy do let me know in writing.
  • All reports and information on the individual is confidential and details will not be passed on to other parties unless specifically requested e.g. forwarding reports to college or university.
  • Unless otherwise requested, the report will be sent to you at the email address you provide.
  • Joanna Bradley reserves the right not to accept a referral, to terminate an assessment, or not circulate an assessment report if: the referral appears to be outside her area of expertise; the client fails to cooperate fully with the requirements of the assessment procedure in such a way that may compromise the validity of the assessment; the client fails to comply with the terms and conditions outlined above.
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