Princess Beatrice – Diagnosed at the age of 7, she is patron of The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre.


Lewis Hamilton- When asked about his childhood at school,  the now 30-year-old revealed: “As a dyslexic, I struggled. I also missed a lot of lessons on Fridays because I was racing on the weekends. “School was not a lot of fun for me,” Hamilton added. As for what he plans to do after his F1 career is over, he insisted: “When I stop, I will get out of the racing world, that’s for sure. “I like children so I would like to build schools for poor kids, where they can learn an instrument and get a good education, because I know for myself how hard that is.”


Mike Juggins – Artist and filmmaker from Exeter. For well over 15 years he has worked tirelessly to raise greater understanding and appreciation of dyslexia and other learning differences. www.dyslexicdada.com

Mike Juggins


Dominic Wood – TV presenter and actor, one half of the Dick and Dom duo.

Paloma Faith – Singer, songwriter and actress. Dyslexia didn’t stop her loving books as a child.

paloma get reading get wrtiing

Richard Branson – Entrepreneur, founder of Virgin airlines and many other companies. Openly talks about his dyslexia.

Richard Branson

Ben Fogle – TV presenter, columnist for many newspapers over the years and author. He struggled terribly at school and no one realised he was dyslexic at this point.

Rio Ferdinand – Footballer, at school he enjoyed physical expression, taking part in football and gymnastics classes and also drama, theatre and ballet too.


Holly Willoughby – TV Presenter, revealed she is dyslexic when she was criticised on Twitter for spelling mistakes in a tweet.


Keira Knightley – Actress, diagnosed at the age of 6½ with dyslexia.


Stephen Hawking – Theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. Hawking considers himself dyslexic and thinks dyslexia caused him problems at school.


Stampy Long Nose (Joseph Garrett) – YouTuber, Gamer and actor.
stamp long noseStampy2
Steven Spielberg – Film director. He says it takes him twice as long to read a book or script than others, but he uses this extra time to look for things to appreciate as he lingers over the words.

Steven spielberg
Paul Oakenfold – Record producer and trance DJ.

Cath Kidston – Designer and business woman.

cath kidston
Orlando Bloom – Actor. In an interview with Dr Harold Koplewicz he stated “The challenge of dyslexia is something that you can make your own and make it a reason to be a winner in life”.

Sir Steven Redgrave – Olympic rower. Winner of 17 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals at the Olympics, Rowing World Championships and Commonwealth games.

STEVE REDGRAVE (Great Britain) Gold Medal in Coxless Pairs 27/7/96

STEVE REDGRAVE (Great Britain) Gold Medal in Coxless Pairs 27/7/96

Joss Stone – Singer, songwriter and actress. Spent her teenage years living in Ashill near Tiverton.

Jamie Oliver – Celebrity chef – He is one of the wealthiest chefs in the world and is author to a large number of cook books.

Henry Winkler – Actor, director, author – He has written a series of books called the Hank Zipzer series about a dyslexic boy. He visited Pilton Community College in Barnstaple in 2014
Albert Einstein – Theoretical Physicist – He developed the general theory of relativity.

Thomas Edison – Inventor and businessman. Invented the light bulb.


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